These resources have been developed with assistance from regional municipalities, the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission, colleagues at the University of New Brunswick, the regional Emergency Measures Organization, the Peskotohmukati Nation, NB Power, Kim Reeder, and others.

Southwestern New Brunswick
Regional Climate Adaptation Plan:

The Southwestern New Brunswick Regional Climate Adaptation Plan promotes a multi-pronged approach to climate adaptation planning in the region. This regional plan contains vulnerability and risk assessments using the ICLEI Changing Climate, Changing Communities methodology, extensive data related to climate risks and service areas as well as a series of adaptive actions and strategies for southwestern New Brunswick. Adaptive actions are attributed to regional planning, municipal governments and individual community members and homeowners.

Partners for Climate Protection: Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Plans for Charlotte County

In 2015, ECW developed greenhouse gas (GHG) quantifications and reduction plans for four area municipalities: St. Stephen, St. George, Blacks Harbour and Grand Manan.

Community Vulnerability Assessment of Climate Change and Variability Impacts in Charlotte County:

The Community Vulnerability Assessment, produced in 2014,  determined which community elements are most sensitive to environmental and climatic changes and provided a foundation to start to build climate resilience. Identifying community needs and vulnerabilities was the first step in creating a comprehensive climate adaptation plan.  

Southwestern New Brunswick Climate Data Viewer: Documentation and Methodology (Version 1):

The purpose of this document is to provide the scientific background use guidelines for the layers featured in the Data Viewer - an interactive mapping application.

Building for Climate Change:
A Quick GUIDE FOR Homeowner and Builders

Using a series of best practices, building techniques and methodologies, the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission has developed a guide to assist residential property owners with climate change adaptation.